We’re All a Little Mad Here…

21 Jun

We always like doing new, different, interesting and high stress things for our theatre performances! This time we’ll be doing a whirlwind production of Capital, Alice! with Collective Hallucination at the Waterfront Theatre on July 18-20th and you should be there! It’s sure to be a Mad time!
… And lots of Tea!
… And maybe some singing and dancing!

… But no promises!


Capital, Alice! July 18 cover photo


Alice in…Capitalism?

23 May

As some of you may know already – or perhaps you guessed it from looking at my super cool banner photo on the website – I’m directing a production at the Waterfront Theatre this summer as part of their “Summer At The Waterfront” programming, and that production is… DrUm RoLl…… Capital, Alice!


Our three lovely Alices. What's wrong Alice?

Our three lovely Alices.
What’s wrong Alice?


This will be the production’s second fully realized showing, the first being at Vancouver Fringe Festival a few years ago, and now it will be at the Waterfront Theatre this Summer!


Rehearsals are already under way and keep an eye on my instagram and twitter for sneak peaks into our rehearsals, the choreography, the singing and more! …. Oh, did I mention that this amazing show is a Musical? 😉


And now the line up of talent that will be working on this amazing show with me.

Playwrights: Emily Griffiths, Lau Sequins and Anoushka Ratnarajah

Producers: Collective Hallucination and Co-Produced with Excavation Theatre

Stage Manager: Emily Groundwater

Choreographer: Patrice Bowler

Musical Director: Kate Monstrr

Director: Jessica Anne Nelson

Cast: Emily Griffiths, Lau Sequins and Anoushka Ratnarajah


And the Designers will be announced soon!
So if you’re looking for something fun and intellectually stimulating to do this summer, why not check out Capital, Alice! at the Waterfront July 18-22!



AFTER – the sexy good times you were looking for!

16 Apr

Well I know that it has been a few months (ok not that few 😉 ) since there’s been any kind of update, but life got super busy with many different opportunities and theatre projects in the fall and winter months and in order to keep on top of those current projects, updating the website had to fall behind in order to meet those fast approaching hard deadlines.


BUT the wait is over, and I am back! The end of 2013 and into 2014 already has been amazing! I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of a fantastic and successful production called AFTER. The play took place at The Havana on Commercial Drive from March 25-29th and April 1-5th and it was a resounding success. Everyone that came thoroughly enjoyed their hot and sweaty time in the theatre and here are some their wonderful words about it.




“After artfully demonstrates the dichotomy between physical and emotional relationships of men and women…” Mj Ankenman, Vancouverscape

“If you like sharp, fast-paced dialogue, nuanced performances with rapid-fire timing, and recognizing the awkwardness of your own life onstage, you will not want to miss dream of passion productions and Excavation Theatre‘s co-production of After…” Lauren Kresowaty, niftynotcool

“The show was performed to perfection and was highly entertaining and comical. If you liked #SexandtheCity , head on down to Havana for one of the last 3 shows and relive some of those bedtime dramas. The show definitely touches on how intimate relationships can have a tad of the ‘crazies’…Great job cast!” Aderaa

“As much fun as #foreplay, #AFTERplay offers a witty & insightful view of what happens after sex wp.me/p1Y6NB-2ve” Jay Minter’s Twitter, @jminter


So clearly, a good time was to be had at The Havana for two weeks!


It was an amazing journey for myself as a Director and Producer, and for my company Excavation Theatre, but also for my Co-Producing partner Stefania Indelicato and her company dream of passion productions.


And now, off to exciting and new adventures! (If you would like to read more about AFTER, feel free to check over in the Excavation Theatre tab.)


Perhaps the future will hold in store a tea party and a chat with a caterpillar? Stay tuned!


Meanwhile is Under Way!

9 Sep

With Meanwhile going into its 4th night of performances, it’s been an incredible journey so far!

The Fans are loving it! And we love them!

Check out a plethora of articles, previews and some of the things have been saying about it so far:

Lois Dawson ‏‪@SMLois

6 Sep

‪#vanfringe pick of the night: Meanwhile. Go get your hands dirty in this intimate experience. I recommend going after dark. ‪#PLANKBUZZ


GayVancouver.Net ‏‪@gayvancouver

6 Sep

Meanwhile by ‪@jessannenelson is quiet and contemplative. You don’t need to be a tree hugger to enjoy this short respite at ‪#VanFringe


Also, as there are only 6 days left, if you liked the show and can share our Indiegogo campaign with your friends that would be amazing! Every dollar or so helps so oncredibly much!



Meanwhile Promo Video

3 Sep

This is a beautiful Promotion video that the very talented Matt Reznek created for Meanwhile at the Vancouver Fringe Festival, which opens THIS Friday! September 6-15th on Granville Island at 7:30, 8:00, 8:30, 9:00, 9:30, 10:00, 10:30pm! Please make it out to the show if you can! 🙂

Of Shoes and Ships

11 Aug

The time has come my friends, to talk of Meanwhile Things!

It has been a very productive and successful week so far in my busy world! Excavation Theatre was able to launch our IndieGoGo campaign! Hurray Hurrah! It took several late nights of working on it, by the incredible Stafania Indelicato, and myself, and now I’m discovering that it requires constant upkeep and updates in order to keep the momentum on it going!

So far Excavation Theatre’s current project Meanwhile has raised $150 on it’s campaign! WOOT WOOT! Thank you so much to our first two generous donours, Jennifer Salahub, James McCrea and Wynn McCrea, and Sean Harris! They’ve even been able to snag a cool perk, and there are many more that can still be claimed on the website.  Great perks like, 4 hours of nannying, art lessons for kids, a free plant from RhodoHaven, and many more, so if you’d like to support Meanwhile, than Pu-LEASE tell all your friends about us and our IndieGoGo campaign and donate if you can!

HERE IS THE LINK AGAIN! (Just in case you missed it up above.)  Meanwhile’s IndieGoGo campaign

Not only do I have this lovely post on here, BUT I’ve also updated the info on the Excavation Theatre tab! So for some more info, feel free to CLICK on over there and check it out. 😉

And because I want to leave you all with some fun facts about ME, as you may not really know who Jessica Anne Nelson is yet. Here is a great little tid bit. I am the youngest in my family. My two older brothers are 5 and 7 years older than me, and we definitely didn’t always get along too well, but I would definitely have to say that my brother is one of my best friends. And now because its pretty cute, if I do say so myself, a picture of Me with my Dad! 🙂

This is my stylin' Dad and I.

This is my stylin’ Dad and I.

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Much Love!

It’s About Time!

8 Aug

Hello Again Dear Friends!

Well it has been a VERY long time since I’ve posted something on here, or even had it live to the public, but I am finally there!

I am so excited to have most of the site actually up and running. Speaking of which, sorry for the delay for content on some of the pages. It will get on here as quick as I can manage while juggling 4 jobs, my best friend visiting from Germany for a month or so, a partner part time living with me, and the final stages of my Vancouver Fringe Festival Show! You could say it has been a busy summer. 😉


(This is a photo of me out with her, clearly having a good time!)

Anyways though, I bet you’d like to hear more about this Fringe show. Yes? Well I’d love to tell you!

In January of 2013 I began creating an Onsite, site specific show for the Vancouver Fringe Festival, and it has been an incredible journey that is almost to a close. It has been a wonderful learning curve being able create my own show and bring it almost all the way through to production! Please think about coming out to see Meanwhile at the Fringe Festival this September from the 6th-15th! You won’t regret it, I promise! And if you want even more info, check over on the Excavation Theatre tab for info on Meanwhile.

Until next time,


all good things are wild and free

3 Apr

It’s official, I have started my very own Theatre Company.

Welcome to the world Excavation Theatre!

This is my Theatre Company that I am starting, and our first production will be THIS September 2013 for the Vancouver International Fringe Festival! Things are definitely still in the works, but we have our site chosen for the festival, a potential name for our first show and a logo in the creation process right now for Excavation Theatre. Please share your thoughts and let me know what you think!